Blightfire Moors 1

Known Habitats Blightfire Moors

The 'a moss viper' are found in Blightfire Moors. They are level 12 to 21.  This mob is considered an animal. They use the effect Strong Poison.


Anarynn's Lost Gold Locket

Blightfire Bone Shard

Blightfire Snake Skin

Blightfire-Infused Chain Links

Blightfire-Infused Silk

Blightfire-Infused Steel Plate

Blightfire-Infused Thick Hide

Gread E Mamba Venom

Loop of the Ravaged

Raw Hide

Shimmering Snake Scales

Simple Adept's Figuring

Simple Defiant Chain Tunic

Simple Defiant Cloth Cap

Snake Egg

Snake Fang

Snake Meat

Snake Scales

SnakeVenom Sac

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