Alchemy is a class-specific tradeskill that allows shamans to create potions for consumption or throwing.

Shamans gain the ability to perform alchemy upon reaching level 20.

Alchemy can be performed on-the-go within the shaman's own inventory by carrying a medicine bag. Alternatively, one can left click on an alchemy workstation in the world and perform the tradeskill there.

Types of Potions Created via Alchemy Edit

  • Distillates - self-targeted consumable potions that provide healing, regeneration, or damage shield effects.
  • Tonics - self-targeted consumable potions that provide spellcasting focus effects or procs that trigger on the user's spellcasts.
  • Elixirs - self-targeted consumable potions that provide stat buffs. 
  • Philters - self-targeted consumable potions that provide teleportation, movement utility buffs, invisibility, or other non-combat help.
  • Mists - group-targeted consumable potions that provide a utility buff.
  • Suspensions - magical vials that can be thrown via ranged attack.  They explode when thrown, dealing direct spell damage or inflicting a debuff.

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