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Antonica is the central continent introduced in the Original Everquest Release. It is currently home to Humans, Halflings, Half Elves, Dark Elves, Trolls, Ogres, Barbarians, and Frogloks.

Antonica is the largest and most populated continent on Norrath. The continent was known as Tunaria, until it was recently renamed by the human ruler of the Free City of Qeynos, Antonius Bayle. It is on Antonica where Tunare first placed Her High Elves. Antonica is also the birthplace of the Halflings, Trolls, Ogres, and Humans. The evil stain of Innoruuk, the Dark Elves, also call Antonica home.

Antonica ZonesEdit

Befallen 5-20 Antonica
BlackBurrow 5-15 Antonica
Cazic-Thule 50-60 Antonica
Clan RunnyEye 10-35 Antonica
East Karana 10-35 Antonica
Everfrost Peaks 1-45 Antonica
Gorge of King Xorbb 10-25 Antonica
Grobb 1-75 Antonica
Halas 1-85 Antonica
HighKeep 20-30 Antonica
Highpass Hold 10-20 Antonica
Infected Paw 65-75 Antonica
Innothule Swamp 1-15 Antonica
Kithicor Forest 10-40 Antonica
Lake Rathetear 15-25 Antonica
Lavastorm Mountains 10-35 Antonica
Lower Guk 30-50 Antonica
Misty Thicket 1-85 Antonica
Mountains of Rathe 15-25 Antonica
Nagafen's Lair 40-55 Antonica
Najena 20-35 Antonica
Nedaria's Landing 15-30 Antonica
Nektulos Forest 1-20 Antonica
Neriak Commons 1-85 Antonica
Neriak Foreign Quarter 1-85 Antonica
Neriak Palace 1-85 Antonica
Neriak Third Gate 1-85 Antonica
North Karana 5-40 Antonica
North Qeynos 1-85 Antonica
Oggok 1-85 Antonica
Permafrost Keep 15-50 Antonica
Qeynos Catacombs 1-35 Antonica
Qeynos Hills 1-10 Antonica
Rivervale 1-85 Antonica
Solusek's Eye 25-45 Antonica
South Karana 15-35 Antonica
South Qeynos 1-85 Antonica
Surefall Glade 1-75 Antonica
Temple of Solusek Ro 10-30 Antonica
The Arena 1-75 Antonica
The Feerrott 1-35 Antonica
Upper Guk 5-30 Antonica
West Karana 1-35 Antonica

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