Quest Information Edit

This is the first quest you get after zoning in to Gloomingdeep Mines. This quest will familiarize you with the interface and interaction in Everquest.

Part of: Gloomingdeep Mines Timeline

Steps Edit

  1. Hail Arias and Learn About the Find Path
  2. Hail Absor and Learn About Weapons
  3. Hail Vahlara and Learn About Armor
  4. Hail Xenaida and Learn About Maps
  5. Hail Rytan and Learn About Spells
  6. Hail Prathun and Learn About Communication
  7. Hail Basher Alga and Learn About Hotbars.
  8. Hail Arias to let him know you have completed your training.

(opt) Hail Frizznik and Learn About Tradeskills

(opt) Hail Wijdan and Learn About Merchants

(opt) Hail Lyndroh and Learn About Banking

(opt) Hail Scribe Farguard and Learn About Achievements

(opt) Hail Rashere and Learn About Soul Binding

(opt) Hail Poxan and Learn About Swimming

(opt) Hail A Priest of Luclin and Learn About Corpse Summoning

(opt) Hail McKenzie the Younger and Learn About Augmentations

Additional Text Edit

Hail the various members of the Gloomingdeep slave revolt to learn more about the game.

Rewards Edit

Kobold Skull Charm, A Worn Totem, Kobold Leather Mask, Gloomingdeep Rat Steak, Steatite Fragment, Upgraded Weapon, Armguards, experience

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