Upon the outskirts of the Commonlands, nestled beneath the last, sandy reach of the Desert of Ro lays a compound of irreparable ruin. Befallen, the name given to this place of haunting mystery and the gruesome torment of unlife, is a place that has become enshrouded in the passing legends of history. The origin of this once great temple has been a subject of debate among scholars of different cultures for generations.

Some, namely the Teir’Dal, claim it to be the remnants of Takish Hiz, the great Koada’Dal city that resided within the Eddlar Forest. When the great fire mercilessly tore through the once grand expanse of life and evergreen flora, rendering it into a wasteland now known as the Desert of Ro, the city was destroyed – its ruins buried in the depths of coastal sand, or destroyed by the harsh climate of the unforgiving desert’s scorn.

Others have explained the ruins to be a forgotten citadel of the Knight of Marr, established when the threat of the cutthroats and corruption of Freeport had begun to surface from the shadows. Despite its debated past, the fate that befell this once-beautiful compound of azure marble houses only the voiceless undead.

Befallen: Floors 1 & 2

The entrance to the ruined compound is submerged within the dunes of Ro that reach out to the final boundaries of the Commonlands. As one enters the foreboding passageway of cracked marble and sand, they shall find themselves quickly standing in the center of once a great compound. The countless years of being subject to the cruel conditions of the desert has left the area scarred and irreparable. Great holes lie within the floors and ceilings, while mounds of rubble lay scattered across the floors that they had once walled in.

Necromancers and Shadowknights have come to research the properties of

Befallen: Floor 3

the undead here, and many daring adventurer seeking wealth, fame, or to smite the undead abominations that lurk within every shadow of Befallen have found their gruesome demise at the quenchless bloodlust of the ruins’ inhabitants.

Traveling To and From BefallenEdit

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Quests involved with BefallenEdit

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