Nestled between Qeynos Hills and the Peaks of Everfrost to the north, Blackburrow is the present day home of the Sabertooth Gnoll Pack. In the past, over 500 years ago, the original excavation of the deepest level was done by a group of dwarves long since forgotten in time. Evidence of their superior stonework can still be found in sections of the complex, although their purpose within this region of Norrath remains as mysterious as their fate.

The Sabertooth Pack originated in the Jaggedpine Forest, but migrated to the hills that laid just beyond the evergreen woodland’s borders. There they found the abandoned Blackburrow complex at a time when the then-nomadic people of Jaggedpine were inexorably driving them out of the forest. The Sabertooths retreated to the complex and made it their stronghold as the conflict with the human settlers began to reach dangerous levels.

Blackburrow: Floor 1

The Sabertooth clan has remained active in the area now known as Qeynos Hills since before the construction of the great human city of Qeynos. It was around that time that Antonius Bayle, the Great Unifier and the patriarch of the famed namesake, united the coastal settlement of Oceangreen with the human clans in the regions of the Karana plains and the Jaggedpine Forest, which the construction of Qeynos began.

When Oceangreen was first created, the yet to be named, Qeynos Hills was home to several different clans of gnolls. Only one of these clans the Sabertooth clan, the largest was violent towards human settlers. However, this violence would not hinder the construction of what would become the jewel of the human race.

Blackburrow: Floor 2

One generation later Antonius Bayle II, the Great Defender, appointed Gynok Captain of the Tower Guard. Captain Gynok Moltar would order small units of his guard to slay gnolls in Qeynos Hills, unbeknownst to his superior and commander. It was well known that Gynok despised the gnolls, who had slain his parents years before. Gynok would later cut off High Shaman Opalla’s hand during the elder gnoll’s attempt to make a treaty of peace with the humans. This horrible act led to the eternal war between the citizens of Qeynos and the Sabertooths.

Blackburrow: Floor 3

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