Borik Darkanvil

Located in Plane of Knowledge


Borik Darkanvil (Smithing Supplies)Edit

Located In:

Plane of Knowledge


  • Extravagant Weapon Smithing
  • Fine Weapon Making Volume 1
  • Fine Weapon Making Volume 2
  • Fine Weapon Making Volume 3
  • Fine Weapon Making Volume 4
  • Fine Weapon Making Volume 5
  • Full Breastplate Mold
  • Full Plate Belt Mold
  • Full Plate Boot Mold
  • Full Plate Gauntlet Mold
  • Full Plate Gorget Mold
  • Full Plate Greaves Mold
  • Full Plate Helm Mold
  • Full Plate Pauldron Mold
  • Full Plate Vambrace Mold
  • Full Plate Visor Mold
  • Full Splinted Cloak Mold
  • Glorious Weapon Smithing
  • Regal Weapon Smithing
  • Simple Weapon Smithing
  • Superb Leather Padding
  • The Legend of Full Plate

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