Rising up from the shores of the Ocean of Tears and towering high above Dagnor's Cauldron and the Greater Faydark Forest are the peaks of the Butcherblock Mountains. These mountains cradle the home of the dwarves, Kaladim, which was dug beneath the very roots of these mighty behemoths of earth and granite.

Due to their close proximity to the Ocean of Tears, the Butcherblock Mountains are graced with a temperate climate that consists of a constant, ocean breeze and frequent, mild showers of cool rain and coastal fog. This climate has generously given birth to the lush vegetation to flourish in this area, making the Butcherblock Mountains the emerald jewel of Faydwer.

Butcherblock Mountains

The dwarves of Kaladim, for whome the mountains have provided generous bounties of precious jewels and the finest iron ores in all of Faydwer, speak and awesome legend surrounding the mountains and its importance to their people. According to this legend, a dwarven hero of unsurpassed might and honor by the name of Dagnor Butcherblock, for whome these mountains are named, pounded these hearty towers of earth and stone from the very heart of Norrath.

Traveling To and From Butcherblock MountainsEdit

Zone How to Travel
Dagnor's Cauldron Heading south down the road
Greater Faydark Head southeast down the road
Kaladim Head north down the road
Ocean of Tears Take a boat at the dock at the northwest
Plane of Knowledge PoK book
Timorous Deep Take a boat at the dock at the northwest

Quests starting in Butcherblock MountainsEdit

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Quests involved with Butcherblock MountainsEdit

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