Iksar make their home in Cabilis. It has portals and canals, and is divided into East Cabilis and West Cabilis. Cabilis, or New Sebilis, as it is often called, is the new heart of the Iksar Empire. The Iksar recaptured the city long ago and have since made it their new home. Their is an ongoing effort to tame the surrounding areas to ensure the safety of the city.


Cabilis is divided into two segments. East Cabilis is the cultural centre of the town. Within East Cabilis lie the guild halls for all but the necromancers. It is also where the military leaders of the Iksar reside. The Haggle Baron also works out of this region, in control of all the merchants in this area.

West Cabilis is an entirely different world. The most prominent feature of West Cabilis is the Tower of Death, the stronghold of the necromancers of the Iksar people. All other Iksar fear the necromancers and leave them alone, an arrangement that the necromancers are very happy with. Within their tower they perform experiments and strengthen their Art and, through that, all Iksar. Merchants in this area owe fealty to the Tower and not to the Haggle Baron, so it is possible to find items here that the Haggle Baron doesn't believe in.

In each of the surrounding areas, there are small outposts. These exist in the ruins of ancient bazaars of the Iksar, now all but destroyed. These areas are patrolled by the Crusaders and Troopers of the city, and provide some degree of safety and law in these wild lands.


The Iksar, although united in a common cause, show their history in their leaders. All of the leaders of the various guilds are powerful personalities, and constantly struggle between themselves for dominance in the city. The Warlord of the Warrior Guild provides Troopers for the city guard, and has developed a loose and uncertain alliance with the leaders of the Tower of Death, whose silent presence provides him with more power. The Lords of Pain and their Crusaders of Greenmist provide the other arm to the defence of the city, and are allied to the Scaled Mystics through their religion.

In the centre of all this, Grand Master Glox sits, quietly, looking within. His silence unnerves the other leaders, but they all realize that, when he awakens, him and his Swifttails will likely lead their kind to retake their ancient empire.

Travelling To and From CabilisEdit

Zone How to Travel
Field of Bone Head north into the northeast corner in East Cabilis and past the tunnel
Lake of Ill Omen Head north in West Cabilis into the northwest corner and past the tunnel
Swamp of No Hope Head south and around the shaman/shadowknight guild and past the tunnel
Warsliks Wood Head south in West Cabilis, past the Gauntlet (PvP) and through the tunn

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