Crushbone: Slavepit


Clan Crushbone is the home of the warmongering Crushbone orc clan. It is located directly to the north of the Wood Elf treetop city of Kelethin, and is the major thorn in the sides of all the inhabitants of the island of Faydwer. The citadel is accessible from only one entrance, and is set up in the shape of a ring. To the west side of Crushbone lies a small building where elves and dwarves actually live, as well as the entrance to the slave pits. To the northeast lies the home of Emperor Crush and his guest, Ambassador Dvinn, and is a dangerous place to hang out in, as his troopers continuously move about. In the center is a large hill where the Orc Trainer trains his troops. A river flows around and through the area.

Crushbone: Map

Travelling To and From CrushboneEdit

There is only one entrance to Crushbone, directly north from the city of Kelethin. You can get to it by heading nort from the northernmost lift in Kelethin (it is the one furthest away from the other two) or by following the path straight out. The entrance is ringed by two pyres, so it's hard to miss. From Felwithe you can either follow the trail to Kelethin and go north from there, or turn right directly out from the main entrance and follow the border of the zone all the way to Crushbone. Although the second method is more boring, it's also quicker and almost impossible to get lost doing.

Quests starting in Clan CrushboneEdit

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Quests involved with Clan CrushboneEdit

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Revamps and Special EventsEdit

A revamp of Clan Crushbone tuned for level 85 to 90 characters replaces the normal Clan Crushbone zone for a limited time each year, as part of the Hardcore Heritage event season.

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