Runnyeye: Floor 1

Clan Runnyeye is the massive multi-leveled labyrinth-esque home of the Runnyeye Goblin Clan. This goblin citadel is located in the heart of the continent of Antonica and has been nothing but a bane for the continents inhabitants, especially the nearby Halflings of Rivervale .


Runnyeye: Floor 2

Clan Runnyeye has recently come under the control of the Pickclaw Goblin clan and have become slaves to their attackers. The Runnyeye Goblin's masters, the Evil Eyes, have also been brought down under the control of the Pickclaws and have been forced into the lower levels. The new residents are quite powerful and are well known for having numerous amounts of spell casters at their disposal. The citadel itself has four different levels that delve deep into the world. Creatures others than Goblins and Evil Eyes lurk at the bottom levels. The top levels also have two separate entrances, which lead to either the Misty Thicket, which is directly connected to Rivervale or to the Gorge of King Xorbb, which is a new dangerous unto itself.

Runnyeye: Floor 3

Travelling To and From Clan RunnyeyeEdit

There are two entrances to Runneye, both of which are fairly close to one another. The first entrance rom Misty Thicket includes a long, relatively safe, tunnel into the zone. Only very rarely do goblins venture down this path.

Keeping directly to the rght will take you quickly to the entrance to the Gorge of King Xorbb, which is readily identifiable by the stakes with the Human heads and the large "Keep Out!" written in blood on the wall opposite the entrance. This is a very quick escape from trains who may happen to be following you from the second level...

Runnyeye: Floor 4

Quests starting in Clan RunnyeyeEdit

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Quests involved with Clan RunnyeyeEdit

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