Crescent Reach Edit

Crescent Reach is the home of the Drakkin, located in North Central Antonica.

Description: Crescent ReachEdit

Crescent Reach is the most welcoming city in the game, with all races and classes allowed to be in and start their adventures at the city and use all the services inside. Outside are the Hollows, which acts as a newbie yard lasting from the first level up to level 15.

There is a hut down the road from where you start out at if you chose Crescent Reach as your city, which has class trainers and vendors for every single class in the game.

Travelling To and From Crescent ReachEdit

Zone How to Travel
Blightfire Moors Going through the city to the Hollows, then to the east and through the valley to zone line
Bixie Warfront Going through the city to the Hollows, then to the east, then going up the ladder where the guards plus an NPC is

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