Cabilis, home of the Iksar, is a maze of canals carved nearby the Lake of Ill Omen on the continent of Kunark. The ancient city's entrance carved from large stones quarried the nearby . Dark and grand with carvings and jewels, the city is filled with the strange portals.

Exhiled by nature, the Iksar wished to remain apart from the raging conflicts of Norrath’s surface dwelling races and were one of Kunark’s secrets for centuries. The years of seclusion allowed the Iksar to continue their projects and research in relative peace. When the time came for their presence to be discovered, it was a discovery of magnitude and wonder unfathomable by even the most eccentric of the era’s bards.

Now a well known part of Norrath, the Iksar of Cabilis continue to remain as far from the affairs of their continent’s other races as possible. However, their discovery led to their race being unleashed upon the world. Cazic-Thule worship of all sorts made their way across the globe, entrancing and bewildering all of Norrath’s citizens. Most Iksar still follow Cazic-Thule.

Traveling To and From East CabilisEdit

East Cabilis can be reached from four separate directions. To the northeast lies the Field of Bone. South of that lies the Swamp of No Hope. East Cabilis holds the gates to these regions. [1]

Access to West Cabilis is also found within the zone by following the tunneled waterways. However, East Cabilis holds the majority of the city's commerce: Shops, Bank, and multiple tradeskill locations.

Quests starting in East CabilisEdit

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Quests involved with East CabilisEdit

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