Erud's Crossing is the name of the zone which the ferry from Qeynos to Erudin passes through, and it marks the path that Erud himself travelled on his way to the island of Odus centuries ago. Erud's Crossing's only feature is an island that marks the halfway point of the trip, and it is a most unique island, with its own ecosystem of unique creatures.

Traveling To and From Erud's CrossingEdit

Erud's Crossing can only be reached via the ferry that runs from Qeynos to Erudin. When coming from Qeynos, the ferry runs along the shore for quite some time before actually reaching the docks, so many impatient adventurers jump ship and swim for shore. This also helps you to avoid the Kerrans at the docks. When on the boat from Erudin to Qeynos, the boat passes far north of the island, but if you are an able swimmer you could jump ship and make it to the island. Catching the boat to Qeynos this way, however, is significantly more difficult.

Quests starting in Erud's CrossingEdit

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Quests involved with Erud's CrossingEdit

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