Erudin Palace is one of two zones making up the city of Erudin. This zone has the Enchanter, Wizard, and Magician guilds on the top floor and a bunch of shops on the bottom floor.


Erudin Palace is the starting zone for Enchanters, Wizards, and Magicians. There isn't any enemies in the zone. The zone has three floors. The top floor is where the guilds are and where the guildmasters for the three classes are at. The middle floor is where you can come in an out of the palace. The bottom floor has a bunch of shops where you can sell your stuff

Traveling To and From Erudin PalaceEdit

On the middle floor are two crystals. Going on the more rounder crystal will zone you into Erudin City itself. You can go into the palace from the round crystal in Erudin City to get in the zone.

Quests starting in Erudin PalaceEdit

  • Example Quest Name

Quests involved with Erudin PalaceEdit

  • Example Quest Name

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