EverQuest: The most popular game among Sony and critically acclaimed "best in the MMORPG genre". EverQuest set the industry standard for online gaming. It was one of the first 3D games in the Massively Multiplayer Online genre.

In total, Everquest has had 19 expansion packs released so far since its 1999 release. The latest expansion, "Rain of Fear", added many conveniences like offline bartering, and slayer achievements.

At one point they have graphically enhanced this classic games graphics. With the release of an expansion pack that came out Everquest added the option of a new and polished 3D model.

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EverQuest Expansions
Original Release  ·  The Ruins of Kunark  ·  The Scars of Velious  ·  The Shadows of Luclin  ·  The Planes of Power  ·  Legacy of Ykesha  ·  Lost Dungeons of Norrath  ·  Gates of Discord  ·  Omens of War  ·  Dragons of Norrath  ·  Depths of Darkhollow  ·  Prophecy of Ro  ·  The Serpent's Spine  ·  The Buried Sea  ·  Secrets of Faydwer  ·  Seeds of Descruction  ·  Underfoot  ·  House of Thule  ·  Veil of Alaris  ·  Rain of Fear

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