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Felwithe is the legendary city of the High Elves, which rises out of the fog of Greater Faydark as one of the most wonderful cities in all of Norrath. Its golden walls give off a faint glow all their own, and the peaceful city attracts many visitors from abroad. [1]

Traveling To and From Northern FelwitheEdit

Felwithe's entrance lies due east of the pass from the Butcherblock Mountains, along a path that winds its way around the periphery of Greater Faydark. Lesser Faydark is through a pass halfway between Butcherblock and Felwithe, and there are a set of transportation towers along that path.

To the northwest of Felwithe lies the Wood Elf home of Kelethin, and north of that lies the lair of the Crushbone Orcs.[2]

Quests starting in Northern FelwitheEdit

Quests involved with Northern FelwitheEdit

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