Freeport is a port city located in east Antonica. It is led by Lucan D'Lere, the guard captain of Freeport.


Freeport is home to many races of Norrath. The port city is located near other home places of some other races, such as the Dark Elves of Nektulos and the Halflings from Rivervale. Freeport is also where many other races from Faydwer arrive at. Due to the presence of many races, there are multiple guildmasters for many classes, both good and evil.

The city is divided into three zones: West Freeport, East Freeport, and the Freeport Sewers. Before the revamp of the city in the Prophecy of Ro, North Freeport used to exist, and the sewers were just part of West and East Freeport

There is a control war going on in Freeport, with Lucan being a former paladin that defied the other paladins of Freeport, the guard and the paladins of Marr are rivals. Before the revamp, North Freeport made up the area that the Temple of Marr had control over and the West and East were controlled by the guard. Ever since the revamp, North Freeport merged with West and East Freeport, and the guard relocated to East Freeport. Now, the West is where the Temple of Marr is located.

Traveling To and From FreeportEdit

Zone How to Travel
Arcstone In the Academy of Arcane Sciences
Commonlands Heading east from West Freeport, past the newbie yard
Dranik's Scar Going to Priest of Discord and asking to go to Kuua
North Ro Heading south from East Freeport, past the newbie yard
Ocean of Tears Interacting with translocator and asking to be teleported
Plane of Knowledge PoK book located just to your left when you're at the gate in West Freeport
The Devestation Through the arena in East Freeport

Quests starting in FreeportEdit

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Quests involved with FreeportEdit

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