Frizznik of Gloomingdeep
Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender male
Race Gnome
Faction Faction
Health Health
Level Level
Status Status
Location The Mines of Gloomingdeep


Scavenges for food for the camp.


Frizznik is an NPC who is optional for the completion of the "Basic Training" quest.

Frizznik 1

1st Hint window

Rat steaks 2

2nd hint window

Frizznik 3

3rd Hint Window

Frizznik 4

4th Hint window

Frizznik text 1

Target Frizznik and hail him

Frizznik Text 2

Ask about Rat Steaks.


You hail Frizznik and the Tradeskills hint window comes up. You can click on the hint windows to take you thru all the hints.

Frizznik will help you make some food. Just target him and follow his dialogue asking him about the rat steaks. He will give you two ingredients. You then target the oven to open it. If you have never made the item before, click on Experiment Tab and a window opens. Put one item (un-stacked) into each slot. Click combine and you make rat steaks! The Rat steak will appear on your cursor. Bon appetit!

Oven 1

Target Oven to open

Oven 2

Place single item into a slot.

Oven 3

Click combine to make Gloomingdeep Rat Steak.


  • 'Well hello there. The name's Frizznik and I'm in charge of finding food for the revolt. I've found more than enough rat meat to make steaks, so if you want to cook yourself some food, be my guest. Would you like to learn to cook [rat steaks]?'
  • 'It's not the greatest dish, but it'll have to do for now. Here's a nice rat sirloin for you and a jug of sauces.'


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