Glena Quok

Located in Plane of Knowledge


Glena Quok (Smithing Supplies)Edit

Located in:

Plane of Knowledge


  • Axe head Mold
  • Curved Blade Mold
  • Dagger Blade Mold
  • Dual-Edged Blade Mold
  • Fantastic Sandpaper
  • Halberd Head Mold
  • Hammer Head Mold
  • Heavy Steel Blade Mold
  • Hilt Mold
  • Javelin Mold
  • Long Blade Mold
  • Mace head Mold
  • Pick Head Mold
  • Pommel Mold
  • Short Blade Mold
  • Shuriken Mold
  • Spear head Mold
  • Spiked Ball Mold
  • Thin Blade Mold
  • Throwing Axe Mold
  • Throwing Knife Mold


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