The Gorge of King Xorbb, also known as Beholder's Maze, is the territory of several Evil Eyes, Minotaurs, and a race consisting of living rock. There are also patrols from the nearby goblins of Runnyeye, making this is a hostile area - at best - to cross, and rewarding for experienced players to hunt in. Groups of younger players who work well together can survive, but even the more experienced players cannot simply hope to cross the maze and continue on their journeys.

Traveling To and From Gorge of King XorbbEdit

This zone can be reached through the Citadel of Runneye (located in Misty Thicket), or through the Eastern Plains of Karana. It was originally navigated regularly before the days of teleportation.

Quests starting in Gorge of King XorbbEdit

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Quests involved with Gorge of King XorbbEdit

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