This dim lit forest plays host to three-fourths the Elven kind of Norrath. In the heart of Greater Faydark, nestled in the treetops, is Kelethin. Home to the Wood Elves (or Feir'Dal). Many Half Elves call this city home as well. The cousins of the Feir'Dal, the Koada'Dal, otherwise known as High Elves, also chose to build their prestigious city Felwithe in the southeastern outskirts of the forest.

Many dangers wander the ancient pine trees that obscure all direct sunlight. Most notably the orcs of Clan Crushbone.

Traveling To and From Greater FaydarkEdit

Butcherblock Mountains

Clan Crushbone

Dranik's Scar


Lesser Faydark

Plane of Knowledge

The Nexus (Via Wizard Spires)

Quests starting in Greater FaydarkEdit

  • Example Quest Name

Quests involved with Greater FaydarkEdit

  • Example Quest Name

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