Grobb is one of the more changed cities in EverQuest. It even changed what race started there when Legacy of Ykesha came out, and again during the War of Summer 2005.


Trolls make their home in Grobb. In 2003, Frogloks took over Grobb and renamed it to Gukta. In 2005, the trolls retook Grobb.

Grobb is a small city, maybe even the smallest in the game, only rivaled by the froglok camp in the Mountains of Rathe. There are few class trainers in the city, due to the small amount of classes trolls can play.

There is a small river near the beginning that trolls cross to get to the main parts of the city.

Travelling To and From GrobbEdit

Zone How to Travel
Dranik's Scar Go to Priest of Discord and ask to go to Kuua
Innothule Swamp Head south

Quests starting in GrobbEdit

  • Example Quest Name

Quests involved with GrobbEdit

  • Example Quest Name

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