Halas is the rugged home of the Barbarians. It is nestled in North Antonica.


Halas, home of the noble Barbarians. A regular winter wonderland removed from modernity. The fairly basic city only supports 5 class guildmasters and spell vendors and is fairly small. The Gwenavyne is a raft that travels from one side to the other side of a pool of water that separates the city from the entrance of the zone.

Don't expect to see many players of other races here, as most have no reason to go to Halas.

Traveling To and From HalasEdit

Zone How to Travel
Everfrost Peaks Head south, past the river (There's a raft that can take you across the river)

Quests starting in HalasEdit

  • Example Quest Name

Quests involved with HalasEdit

  • Example Quest Name

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