Innothule Swamp

Innothule Swamp

Connecting the Southern Desert of Ro and the Jungle of Feerott , the Innothule Swamp serves as a dangerous stone upon any traveler's path, for the Trolls of this region are disdainful of nearly all but their dark allies of the Teir'Dal and the Ogres of Oggok.

The swamp is also home to the peaceful, unless provoked, Froglok's of Guk and the occasional vicious Kobolds that will attack on sight.


Innothule Swamp - Hand

Innothule Swamp: Hand

Ancient tales speak of an evil pact between the rulers of the Planes of Hate (Innoruuk) and Fear (Cazic-Thule) that spawned this murky wetland. In homage and pride of this legend, the Trolls who have inhabited these swamplands for eras have named this dank region Innothule. Upon the northeastern shore of the swamp, the Troll village of Grobb resides - protected by a constant watch of Trollish Warriors and guardsmen.

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