Kaladim Edit

NPCs and QuestsEdit

Kaladim A:

Soul Binder

Warrior's Guild

Kaladim B:


Rogue's Guild

Berserker's Guild

Paladin's Guild

Cleric's Guild

Low Level Quests:

Bone Chips may be handed in to Gunlok Jure in the Paladin's Guild for exp, tattered armor , rusted weapons  and coin.


Kind Kazon Stormhammer is Ruler and Leader of the Dwarves. Dwarves make their home in Kaladim.

The Storm Guard of Kaladim are Under the leadership of Furtog Ogrebane who is the warrior's guild Leader.

North of the Butcherblock Mountains on the continent of Faydwer lies the city of Kaladim, home of the dwarves. One can easily note the entrance of the city by a large statue of the king standing over the tunnel. Upon entering the city, visitors notice that it is both as developed as cities like Freeport or Qeynos, but significantly integrated into the mountains that the dwarves mine.

The city itself is divided into two sections. When first walking intos South Kaladim, young warriors can head west to receive training from the Storm Guard, the dwarven warrior guild, test their skills in the arena, or purchase wares from various merchants. To the east of the entrance is the throne room for Kind Kazon Stormhammer.

North and deeper into the mountains will bring you to North Kaladim. Brell's priests receive their training from Clerics of Underfoot, while his holy defenders should visit one of the trainers from the Miners Guild 249. On the eastern side of North Kaladim, one can find the bank. Much akin to the Barbarian city of Halas, rogues and berserkers of Miners Guild 628 can be found guarding the money.

In addition to training at the various guilds, young dwarves can purchase spells, and food. One might also notice that many of Kaladim's residents have taken surnames relating to their love of beer and hatred of the ogres, such as Aleslammer, Frostymugs, and Ogrebane. Tradeskills can also be practiced, should one need a break from killing goblins and rats: one can take up brewing, pottery, baking, or blacksmithing in the hopes of opening a shop one day.

Travelling To and From KaladimEdit

Zone How to Travel
Butcherblock Mountains Heading down south from South Kaladim
Dranik's Scar Going to Priest of Discord and asking to go to Kuua

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