Karana: The RainkeeperEdit

D karana


Karana's followers invest all of their faith in the life-giving and destructive force of storms of all types. Typical followers of Karana are farmers, Druids, and Rangers. While they respect the power of the Storm Lord, They often provide shelter to travelers, for they are mostly good-natured people who value honesty. Much like the followers of Quellious, a great deal of Karana's devotees live a life of a nomad. The plains of western Antonica are named after Karana due to the frequent rain in the region that provides excellent farming for Qeynos.

Karana is one of two nature deities, and the most accepting. As such, all Human and Halfling Druids and Rangers worship him, as well as many of the Half Elves. His Qeynos nature priests find it difficult to worship in the city, so Surefall Glade is their refuge. He accepts other Human and Half Elf followers in Qeynos, Clerics and Paladins among them. He even sponsors Paladins in Halfling Rivervale, as Bristlebane seems either unwilling or inherently incapable. Finally, he has even poached some of Tunare's less-religious Wood Elf (and Half Elf) Rogues, Warriors, and Bards.

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