McKenzie the Younger
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Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Faction Faction
Health Health
Level Level
Status Status
Location The Mines of Gloomingdeep


McKenzie the Younger was a witness to when Morden discovered augmentation by quite a bloody accident.


McKenzie the Younger is an NPC who is optional for the completion of the "Basic Training" quest.


Hail him, ask about augmentation, ask about lesson, assure him you are listenin, put your weapon and augment into augmentation sealer, equip weapon, hail him.

If you get a new weapon, destroy the old one, and you may get a new augment from McKenzie the Younger.


  • 'Waaaagh! Oh! Ye gave me quite the start there, friend. I thought one of those blasted kobolds had snuck up on me. I nearly even chipped the [augmentation] I just found.'
  • 'What's that? Ye want ta learn about augmentations, ye say? Hmm, I guess I could give you a quick history [lesson].'
  • 'As my old man once told me..' '*blahblah* Morden's cleanin' his fingernail with his dagger when it slipped.. *blah* blood everywhere.. *blah* ..did he learn his lesson? No!.. *blahblah* .. scratching this little gemstone, with his dagger when it merged!.. *blah* ..power.. *blahblah* ..and -Hey! Are ye [listenin]?!'
  • 'Okay, forget the history for now. See that little stone I just gave ye? That's an augment. If ye [embed] it in a weapon or a piece o' armor, it can make that item more powerful. Mind, ye can't put an augment just anywhere. Ye need ta look at your armor and make sure the augment'll fit properly. If ye examin it, ye'll see what type o' items you can attach it to.'
  • 'Ye can embed this augmentation in your weapon using the augmentation sealer over there -it's that thing that looks like a bird bath. Why don't ye go try it for yourself? Go put that augment inta your weapon and reequip it, then come talk ta me, and I'll check that it's in there good and proper.'
  • ' Aye, a fine job, ye did, friend. Give those kobolds a good thrashin' for me!'


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