Merchant Amile Pitt

General Supplies located in PoK

Merchant Amile Pitt:Edit

Amile Pitt is located in Plane of Knowledge just across from the Dogle Pitt, the banker. (This bank is referred to as "small bank" by most adventures). She carries a line of general goods and you can find lots of odd items that other adventures sell to her.


  • Bandages
  • Bazu Parts Mold
  • Bazu Water
  • Blessed Water of Druzzil
  • Blessed Water of Fennin
  • Blessed Water of Sarym
  • Blessed Water of Terris Thule
  • Bottle
  • Brother Dreymoon’s Meditations
  • Chronal Parts Mold
  • Chronal Water
  • Culturally Inspired Charms
  • Discordant Parts Mold
  • Discordant Water
  • Faycite Water
  • Fearlinked Water
  • Iron Ration
  • Large Lantern
  • Last Blood Parts Mold
  • Last Blood Water
  • Mead
  • Phantasmic Water
  • Ration
  • Rennet
  • Serpent’s Water
  • Small Lantern
  • Snoworb’s Dairy DDiary
  • Soloist Ascension Water
  • Soloist Dream Water
  • Soloist Planer Water
  • Sunshard Water
  • Symbol of Derived Unity
  • Symbol of Mental Unity
  • Torch
  • Veiled Water
  • Wandering Drogard’s Brew Book, v1
  • Wandering Drogard’s Brew Book, v2
  • Water Flask
  • Water of the Skeptic

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