Mithaniel Marr: The LightbearerEdit


Mithaniel Marr

Mithaniel Marr's followers believe they are distinguished from the beats of the world by their valor and honor. He, along with his twin sister, Erollisi, created the Barbarians of Norrath and are believed to have sparked the evolution of the Humans from those Barbarians. The twins are also responsible for the Frogloks of the world. Followers of Marr live a life of a high moral standard and devote much of their lives to spreading the word of truth and selflessly giving to charity. Throughout Norrath, they are known as the most noble Warriors in the world. These Warriors and Paladins fight for the sake of all that is good in the world and will do so without fear of death. Many would say that Marr's followers take their cause a bit too seriously, having short patience for humor and mischief.

As far as player characters, the Frogloks are Mithaniel Marr's most avid devotees; among them he sponsors many Clerics, Paladins and Shamen. He also shares a temple in Freeport with his sister,  where Human and Half Elf followers congregate, largely Clerics and Paladins. However, he does not allow thieving Rogues to join his honorable army. He has a small following among the Barbarian Beastlords in Halas, and a few Bardic heralds as well.

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