The Mountains of Rathe is an outdoor zone, located in South Antonica, and only "recently", the starting area of the Frogloks.


In the far south of the zone is the froglok newbie yard. This is where all frogloks start in, even the evil frogloks. The general area there has low-level mobs for fresh frogloks and class guildmasters and spell vendors.

The rest of the area is home to many dangerous mobs and many other dangers, even when frogloks have outleveled the newbie yard. The level range of mobs in the zone is immense, going from as low as level 1, up to even level 60 (although that's pretty rare).

Traveling To and From Mountains of RatheEdit

Zone How to Travel
Lake Rathetear Heading to the west
Plane of Knowledge PoK book to the south, at the froglok newbie area
The Feerrott Heading to the east

Quests starting in Mountains of RatheEdit

  • Example Quest Name

Quests involved with Mountains of RatheEdit

  • Example Quest Name

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