Neriak Edit

The underground city of the Teir'Dal is home to almost all the evil sort native to Antonica. From ogres to trolls, Neriak sort of acts at the "evil capital" of EverQuest


Neriak is split into 4 quarters: Neriak Commons, Neriak Foreign Quarter, Neriak Fourth Gate, and Neriak Third Gate. The ogres and trolls mostly live in the foreign quarter, with trolls once starting in Neriak when their home city, Grobb, was invaded by frogloks. The commons is where most of the class trainers and shops are. The Third Gate is home to some of the most evil people in the area. The Fourth Gate is where the palace and is ruled by King Naythox Thex.

Travelling To and From NeriakEdit

Zone How to Travel
Nektulos Forest Leave from Foreign Quarter
Dranik's Scar Talking to Priest of Discord and asking to go to Kuua
Ethernere Tainted West Karana N/A

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