Ocean of Tears - Giant

Ocean of Tears - Giant

The Ocean of Tears is the second largest salt water sea in Norrath, rivaled only by the emerald waters of Timorous Deep. It lies between the continents of Antonica and Faydwer and can be crossed in either direction using the ports of Freeport and Butcherblock.


Several islands have risen above the calm, royal blue waters over the passing era. They are inhabited by an array of creatures both foreign and native to the area.

When Zek's mortal armies were cast down from the Plane of Karana, cursed battalions of Goblin and Giant soldiers were stranded upon one of these isles. In bother appearance and mental ability, the Giants were cursed even more than their goblin counterparts. Bearing but one enormous eye, the Seafury tribe of cyclops patrol the isle, viciously attacking any adventurer that comes within sight.

Not long after the Goblins and Giants arrived, so did the odd birdmen known as Aviaks. The origins of these peaceful creatures are a well-guarded secret. The species found in Ocean of Tears is very vibrant in their plumage, unlike the dull black, ravenesque appearance of their cousins upon Antonica. These creatures live peacefully upon their island, surviving on what resources the land and ocean provide them.

Ocean of Tears Docks

Ocean of Tears: Docks

More recent inhabitants of the ocean's isles are The Sisters of Erollisi - a small band of female Elves and Half Elves who voluntarily left their homeland of Kelethin to establish their own temple and culture without disturbing the ancient order of the Fier'Dal. The Sisters of Erollisi are very kind and generous towards adventurers who are not of dark orientation. Supplies and goods can be bought and sold to the merchants that operate just beyond the docks of their isle.

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