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Old Sebilis

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Old Sebilis
Zone Details
Type Indoor
Level Range 40-60
Continent Kunark
Expansion The Ruins of Kunark
Instanced No
Key Required No


'Sebilis' was built by Venril Sathir during the height of the Iksar Empire, and was once a stronghold for the Iksars of Kunark. Following the death of Emperor Ganak and a steady onslaught of slave uprisings, goblin invasions, and forest giant attacks, the Iksar Empire declined in power. Trakanon dealt one of the final blows to the Empire, destroying the city of Sebilis, and was himself mortally wounded as a result. Presently, the ruins of Old Sebilis are occupied by a clan of Frogloks. Iksar skeletons and ghouls roam the city's old burial grounds while a poisonous, undead Trakanon can be found in a lair far below the main city.

Traveling To and From Old SebilisEdit

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Quests starting in Old SebilisEdit

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Quests involved with Old SebilisEdit

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