The Plane of Knowledge is an area packed with just about everything a player needs in EverQuest. From class trainers to portals that can take you to cities and zones, the Plane of Knowledge is considered to be the official hub of the game.


Stones Edit

Along the edges of the zone, are stones that can take you to all the starting zones in the game, plus a couple other zones. From the north, are the good aligned starting zone portals, with the evil aligned zone portals to the south. There are other portals which can take you to other zones in the world, such as Plane of Tranquility and the Dream from the Feerrott stone.

Library Edit

In the center of the zone, is a huge library home to class trainers of every kind in the game. They can teach you spells, let you train your skills, and buy tomes.

Other Stuff Edit

Franklin Teek is the Hotzones NPC. He offers you missions that take you to the hot zones in the game. There are a bunch of other NPCs that offer quests, mercenaries, and help around the world.

Traveling To and From Plane of KnowledgeEdit

The Plane of Knowledge can be traveled to by interacting with the many PoK books that are located throughout Norrath. They are nearby every racial starting city or zone.

To get out of the Plane of Knowledge, there are a bunch of stones located near the borders of the zone that can take to starting cities or other zones, such as Gulf of Gunthak.

These are the following zones the stones can take you to:

Blightfire Moors
Butcherblock Mountains
Everfrost Peaks
Feerrott, the Dream
Field of Bone
Firiona Vie
Great Divide
Gulf of Gunthak
Innothule Swamp
Misty Thicket
Mountains of Rathe
Nektulos Forest
North Qeynos
Plane of Tranquility
Shadeweaver's Thicket
Steamfont Mountains
The Arena
The Feerrott
The Nexus
The Overthere
Toxxulia Forest
West Freeport

Quests starting in Plane of KnowledgeEdit

  • Example Quest Name

Quests involved with Plane of KnowledgeEdit

  • Example Quest Name

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