Plane of Sky (often abbreviated Sky or PoSky) is a plane associated the dragon goddess Veeshan.

The zone is quite old, being having existed since before EverQuest's first expansion, and is considered raid content when the level cap is 50. In a world where the level cap is far higher, Sky remains a destination for players mainly for its involvement in a number of Epic 1.0 quests, the paladin Epic 2.0 quest, and the epic ornamentation quest.

Sky is also EverQuest's earliest example of a zone that uses a series of keyed islands as the layout for its progression - a setup which would later be revisited in zones like Blackfeather Roost and Al'Kabor's Nightmare.


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Traveling To and From Plane of SkyEdit

Two methods exist for reaching Plane of Sky:

Once inside the zone, normal teleportation magic will not work. (Even Gate and Evacuate spells will always fail.) To exit the zone, simply jump off of any of the islands, and be sure to jump fully clear of them so as not to land on one of the chains or other objects below. Upon falling low enough, one's character will zone out and end up in the water in the harbor of East Freeport.

Quests starting in Plane of SkyEdit

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Quests involved with Plane of SkyEdit

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