Make Poison Edit

Make poison is a tradeskill unique to the rogues class. It envolves mixing various materials in a morter and pistle and, in early everquest, resulted in poison applyed to a rogue's weapon with the apply poison skill. The earliest poison activated on the initial attack but, has since evolved into an item that is activated, like most potions, and provides a combat initated buff that will proc while in combat. Where it was once an under utilized tool used mostly by advanced players it is now an easily purchased item from a vendor and used by most rogues.

Although poisons in Norrath have evolved over the years they can all be classified in two broad catagories. Their are damage poisons that primarily either proc as a direct damage hit or inflict damge over time to an enemy or their are debuff poisons that lower statistics, slow attack speed or movement speed or even lower the enemies aggresion toward the assassin in some cases. The signifigance in classification of these two types, in most cases,  is the buff these poisons provide are not the same spell slot and can be activated at the same time. For instance, in the Planes of Power era the fashionable rogue would use the poison "Bite of the Shissar" to activate the slot 11 direct damage proc, Strike Poison, and then stack the poison "Dreams of Drusella" to activate the slot 12 aggression reducing proc, Remiss Poison. This would then provide the rogue with both the 125 direct damage proc and the debuff proc that decreased hate by 250.

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