Pulling is the act of aggroing a mob and leading it to a location other than its spawn point.  It is one of the oldest and most common tactical maneuvers in EverQuest, and is most often employed as a method of preventing or managing adds, or as a way to initiate kiting.

Related termsEdit

The time and actions occuring between the moment the mob is aggroed and the time it reaches its destination are collectively known as the pull.

A player who executes a pull is known as a puller.

A pull that does not go according to plan, and puts one or more player characters in danger as a result, is known as a bad pull.  Bad pulls often lead to wipes, and sometimes to training.  Crowd control abilities and emergency abilities can make it easier to survive a bad pull.

Pulling can be contrasted with fighting at spawn, the other most common tactic for initiating combat.

Pulling classesEdit

While any character class can pull in the most basic sense of the term, most classes also possess utility abilities that can make their pulling safer or more effective.

That said, some classes are generally regarded as much more efficient at pulling than others.  Monks, bards, shadow knightsenchanters, and rangers are among the classes most often thought of as "pulling classes," a these classes possess the right mix of pulling abilities, movement speed, durability, and/or crowd control abilities to act as a puller in a wide variety of situations.

The classes with some of the fewest pulling utilities (at least, for pulling strictly by themselves and not as part of a team include warriors, berserkers, and magicians.

Everyone else falls somewhere in between, with a variety of classes making fine pullers in situations where a large kit of pulling utilities is not required.

Other notesEdit

Pulling can occur over a wide variety of distances within a zone, but if a puller intends to lead a mob particularly far away, he or she will need to be mindful not to get too far ahead, lest the mob lose interest and stop pursuing.

There is a group role indicator available for flagging a player character as a party's main puller, which influences how mercenaries behave in response to that character.

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