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Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Male
Race Erudite
Faction Faction
Health Health
Level Level
Status Status
Location The Mines of Gloomingdeep



Rashere is an NPC who is optional for the completion of the "Basic Training" quest.


Hail him, bind your soul, click through popup windows.


  • 'Greetings, __. I'm afraid I'm too old to join in this revolt. I can only wait here and try to walk out once the dust has settled. Good luck to you though. Many have tried to escape already and few have survived. . .'
  • 'Eh? Don't look so worried, Fongpi. Death is but a thin boundary in this world. In fact, I and a few others have learned to reach across this boundary and pluck souls from their resting places. If you would like me to return your soul here when you die, just say [bind my soul].]
  • 'Hey there, __. That's Flutterwing you're talking to. Cute, isn't he? We just rescued the little guy from the kobolds. Turns out they captured a whole clutch of dragon eggs in hopes of raising the creatures as war animals. If you can recover Flutterwings unhatched [siblings] he'd be much obliged. Also, the little guy loves muffins so if you've got any of those go ahead and feed him. Just watch your finger.'
  • 'Slavemaster Ruga has the rest of the dragon eggs on his person. He's in the Gloomingdeep jail trying to prevent the rest of the slaves from escaping. Be careful with Ruga though. That kobold's never without his bodyguards nearby!'


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Flutterwing's Dilemma, Basic Training, The Revolt of Gloomingdeep

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