Tonight, Vanusk sat in silence until I asked him to continue. He wanted to know what we had learned. When we started to recite the tales back to him, he silenced us and asked again what we had learned. The Bane's leader ventured a guess and told him that the only constants seem to be struggle, death, war, and deceit. He pulled back the edges of his mouth in what must have been an Iksar smile and said, "As goes Norrath, so goes Kunark. Now, you are ready to learn of my land."
Kunark Map

Kunark Map

He sat back, leaning his strong tail against the railing of our ship and looked south. "Since the beginning," he said, "Kunark has suffered under the shadow of the wurm." His fantastic tale continued over the last days of our sea journey.

--> Shissar KingdomEdit

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