Quest Information Edit

Part of: The Revolt of Gloomingdeep.

Steps Edit

  1. Set the makeshift lantern bomb in the kobold supply crate

Additional Text Edit

"Da kobolds wuz foolish enough ta teach us ta make blasting powder fer op'nin' new mine tunnels. Here, take dis makeshift lantern bomb and place it on the kobolds' siege supplies. Da supplies are in a giant crate just outside o' Fort Gloomingdeep. Once you set da bomb, get out of dere fast! Heh, heh, it's gunna blow big, ya?"

(Hint: To set the bomb, left click on the item in your inventory to join it to your mouse cursor. Then move the lantern bomb over the crate, left click again, and press the 'Give' button.)

Rewards Edit

  • Experience

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