Snare is the EverQuest community's most common nickname for any effect that reduces movement speed by a percentage.

The term shares its name with a level 1 druid debuff that reduces its victim's movement.

Players coming into EverQuest from other games should be aware that when veteran EverQuest players talk about wanting someone to "slow" a target, they are usually talking about attack speed slow rather than movement speed.

Strategic ImpactEdit

Used by players in PvE, snare effects are an important tool for preventing foes from fleeing when low on health.  Snares are also central to numerous kiting strategies, particularly those employed by druids, wizards, necromancers, and rangers.  Lastly, snares generate a surprisingly large amount of hate and have applications in aggro control, particularly for shadow knights, rangers, and necromancers.

When used by the developers in designing encounters, snares may be intended to restrict player mobility during a fight, to force more debuff curing to be performed, or to make an area more dangerous for pullers.  Snares can also be employed as an anti-kiting mechanic.

The severity and duration of snare effects vary widely, and their uses vary accordingly.  While even a very weak snare like Clinging Darkness or Tangling Weeds is usually enough to stop an NPC from fleeing, a stronger snare may be necessary for efficient kiting.  Likewise, while snares with short durations tend to be used mainly in emergencies to stop a fleeing target, snares with longer durations can be used early in a fight so that fleeing is never an issue, or applied at the beginning of a kiting session.

Note that while the overwhelming majority of snares in the game come from detrimental spells (debuffs), a few occur as negative side-effects on otherwise beneficial abilities, such as the warrior's Stonewall Discipline or the shaman's Torpor.  In these cases, the snare effect is regarded a trade-off for the powerful beneficial effects the spell or discipline is providing.

Unlike root effects, an NPC becoming snared does not force it into a different AI pattern.

Classes that SnareEdit

Classes with abilities that cause snare include the following:

Other classes may also snare monsters by using a clicky with a snare proc. See List of clickies with a snare effect.

See also :Edit

Root : another detrimental kind of spell whose effect is to immobilize its target.List of clickies with a snare effect : sorted by class

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