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South Qeynos: The Windspirit's Song


Qeynos is one of the largest cities in all of Norrath, and one of the two large coastal cities run by the Humans. It is also a starting city choice for Humans and Half Elves. The docks of the city, located in South Qeynos, provide trade from Qeynos to Erudin home of the Erudites, as well as to other areas along the coast. The Guards of Qeynos command posts throughout the surrounding terrain, providing protection to travellers as far away as the Plains of Karana. All professions which accept humans have guild halls present or nearby. There is a seamy underbelly to this city, like other port cities, and rumors of corruption and smuggling as well as unsavory street dwellers are a part of everyday life here. There are many (some say too many) drinking establishments within the high walls of the city. Qeynos is divided into three zones: North Qeynos, South Qeynos, and Qeynos Catacombs.

South Qeynos is where the city's harbor is located and is the heart of Qeynos. Most of the towns commerce, guildhalls, tradeskill locations, and backalley deals are here. The bank is also located in the back of South Qeynos near the magic user guildhalls. The docks are capable of taking travellers to both Erudin and the islands in Erud's Crossing. The guildhalls within this portion of the city are The Windspirit's Song (Bard), the Enchanter, Magician, and Wizard Guilds, The Grounds of Fate (Warrior and PvP Area), and The Temple of Thunder (Cleric and Paladin). South Qeynos also holds three different and well hidden entrances into the Qeynos Catacombs.

South Qeynos: map

Travelling To and From South QeynosEdit

The simplest way of reaching South Qeynos is by hitching a ride on a boat from Erudin, which will take you straight to the South Qeynos docks. However, Erudin is just as isolated from the world as Qeynos is and this is more than often not an option.

The second and most common method is to traverse the dangerous plains of Karana westward, until you reach North Qeynos. It is then the simple act of navigating oneself through the city to one of the two entrances into South Qeynos.

Quests starting in South QeynosEdit

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Quests involved with South QeynosEdit

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