Steamfont Mountains is the front yard of the Gnomish city of Ak'Anon. It is seen as a training ground for young Gnomes to advance their skills and move out into the world. The region also has numerous rogue clockworks running about after escaping their owners.
Steamfont Mountains - Dragon bones

Steamfont Mountains: Dragon Bones


Named for the natural geysers and springs found in its rocky peaks, these mountains surround the Gnome city of Ak'Anon. It is known that the dragons had once dwelled here, for the fossilized remains of a very young dragon can be viewed inside a small valley. The presence of Steamfont's drakes also indicates that the region may once have had some greater significance to the children of Veeshan. However, that history was lost long before the arrival of the Elves or the surfacing of the Gnomes.

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