Cazic-Thule Temple



Cazic-Thule: Main map

The Temple of Cazic-Thule is an ancient Aztec-like temple deep in the jungle of the Feerrott. The temple is managed by its caretakers, the blinded and black hearted lizardmen. They not only guard the temple but also supply it its powerful priests that devote all worship to their lord, Cazic-Thule, the god of fear. The lizardman are the most numerous of creatures that need to be feared within the temple's walls, but hidden inside the temple are a plethora of other creatures with significant amounts of power.


Cazic-Thule: lower floor

Travelling To and From Cazic-ThuleEdit

Cazic-Thule can be found in the jungles of the Feerrott, home of the Ogres. Travelling from the west (Rathe Mountains) leads you to the west side of the swamp. From there head to the southeast while keeping your eyes peeled for the local Ogre Bouncers and you will hit a river. Swim the river and head south on the island, you can't miss the temple as it makes up the whole of the south end of the island. Do not travel along the edge, as you will pass very ner the spectre cave, which can be deadly.


Cazic-Thule: courtyard

From the east (Innothule Swamp) you should turn left upon entering the zone and fllow the border around to the river, swim it, and you will run along the wall of the temple to the entrance. This path is safer, but the Bouncers can occasionally be seen wandering even this far out. Be careful...


Cazic-Thule: maze

Quests starting in Temple of Cazic-ThuleEdit

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Quests involved with Temple of Cazic-ThuleEdit

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