Revamped in 2006, this zone is now higher level on average than the Mines of Nurga. A good leveling range for the zone would be 50-60. The named spawns were relocated in the 2006 update. Mapfiend has indicated as such by labeling the new spawns in Blue. The previous locations no longer spawn the nameds to my knowledge and experience.

Gear in this zone will be worse than Defiant, however it is on average going to be better than The Howling Stones for mid 50s gear.

For plat farming, the higher level mobs in this zone tend to drop about 20 plat a piece.

Traveling To and From Temple of DrogaEdit

Located in the Frontier Mountains next to the Mines of Nurga. The Mines of Nurga do connect to the Temple of Droga. Probably the fastest way to get to here is via The Overthere to Frontier Mountains since it zones you in fairly close to the temple instance. However taking a wizard portal to The Dreadlands will also allow you to get to the Frontier Mountains rather quickly, however the zone in from The Deadlands is literally across the zone from the entrance to the Temple of Droga.

Quests starting in Temple of DrogaEdit

  • Example Quest Name

Quests involved with Temple of DrogaEdit

  • Example Quest Name

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