As the dust settled, the last of the gods came to Norrath. Mithaniel Marr, god of Valor, and his twin sister the goddess of love Erollisi Marr, created the Barbarians - a hardy race who settled the cold and rugged northlands near the ruins of the The Giant Empire.

Mithaniel Marr

Being the youngest race they were generally unwashed, rugged, and possessing very few social graces. And while they too had a warlike culture, there were those amongst them who had begun to believe in something more.

By this time the other civilizations of Norrath had either long since declined or were well on their way to ruin. This small minority of Barbarians saw an opportunity to triumph where the others had failed.

Perhaps this was a seed of wisdom planted by the Marr Twins or perhaps it was only by chance, but as the Barbarians spread out across the lands, warring with each other and any other race encountered, this tiny movement continued to grow. And so even amidst desolation and war, there was hope.
1252204-gods erollisi large

Erollisi Marr

This small and enlightened group of Barbarians were the fathers of the Human race, and they rapidly gained a foothold throughout the lands, studying the lost art of geomancy.

The Combine Empire, as this lost race of Humans is called, spread throughout the known world, but died even more quickly than it grew. The reasons are still unknown. And while they are the ancestors of every Human on Norrath and their relics and ruins still litter the lands from Odus to Faydwer, little history of this period remains.

The Age of Monuments <--> The Lost AgeEdit

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