Quest Information Edit

Starts by: Guard Hobart

Finishes by: Guard Hobart

Part of: The Revolt of Gloomingdeep.

Steps Edit

  1. Kill 5 Gloomingdeep Grunts
  2. Kill 10 Gloomingdeep Warriors
  3. Kill 5 Gloomingdeep Slave Wardens
  4. Kill 1 Gloomingdeep Spiritweaver
  5. Speak with Guard Hobart to recieve your reward.

Additional Text Edit

"Can you hear the sound of combat echoing through these tunnels? That's the sound of war! Gather a group of comrades and spearhead an attack into the kobold territory. I will reward your bravery in kind, soldier."

"Ha Ha! When I first laid eyes on you, I thought a strong breeze would knock you over. Now, look at you! The hero of the Gloomingdeep slave revolt!"

Rewards Edit

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