The Feerrott is a semi-starting area, semi-mid level area located in South Antonica and is the starting area for Ogres.


The Feerrott is a thick forest which blankets the southern region of Antonica. It is home to a tribe of lizardmen (whose temple is located in the south), spiders, marsh bears, and other creatures you'd find in a typical forest. With the city of Oggok sitting along its northern boundary, this forest also serves as the ogres' gateway into Norrath. Travellers should also be aware of what lies in the southwest - a spectre-ridden network of caves leading to a portal into the Plane of Fear.

The north part is mostly inhabited by the ogres of Oggok and serves as the newbie yard for fresh ogres. The south part, separated by the bridge and the river, is where most of the higher-level mobs are.

Traveling To and From The FeerrottEdit

There is a PoK book located near the entrance to Oggok, which can take you to the Plane of Knowledge. Taking the path to your right from Oggok and across the bridge takes you to the Mountains of Rathe, a zone where ogres could go to after hitting around level 5-10. Taking the path to the left from Oggok will eventually take you to Innothule Swamp, the starting area of the trolls.

Quests starting in The FeerrottEdit

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Quests involved with The FeerrottEdit

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