The Ruined City of Dranik is a zone introduced in Omens of War. This site was the city of Dranik, home to the peaceful Dragorn species prior to being overtaken by invading Discord forces. Not much remains of this fallen Dragorn city.

Omens of War Zones
Zones: Dranik's Scar  ·  Harbingers' Spire  ·  Muramite Proving Grounds  ·  Nobles' Causeway  ·  Riftseekers' Sanctum  ·  The Bloodfields  ·  The Ruined City of Dranik  ·  Wall of Slaughter

Instanced Zones: Catacombs of Dranik  ·  Citadel of Anguish  ·  Dranik's Hollows  ·  Innoruuk's Realm  ·  Muramite Proving Grounds Trials  ·  Sewers of Dranik

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